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Thrilling brand experiences with a Nordic touch

Qvisten XTND helps brands and organisations to stand out and reach their target groups with exciting experiences on any plattform. 


We believe that all forms of entertainment start with a good story. Without it, entertainment becomes purely superficial.

Qvisten XTND was founded early in 2023 after the merger for Stargate Media and Qvisten´s commcial department. With nearly 30 years of experience with storytelling from Qvisten and 10 years of Stargate Media pushing the bounderies of emerging techology, Qvisten XTND will deliever high quality experiences on any platform at a global stage. Just like your name, XTND, we will extend storytelling to new levels.

Character-based experiences has proved itself to be a strong marketing tool for any brand. At Qvisten XTND, we always try to incorporate a broader core story, healthy ethics, and sound values with everything we do, and we do a lot. Among others, we deliver character driven exeriences for commercials, short films, edutainment, education, games, digital plattforms, installations, attractions, VR/AR and 360 video / panaramic among others. Qvisten XNTD create character and universes for any platform. We are one stop shop for 2D, 3D and realtime experiences for your brand or organisation.

Over the years, Qvisten has built up considerable experience within the public meeting place arena. We focus on building experiences using our knowledge of storytelling, target audiences and the client journey. Through our deliveries to theme parks, institutions, venues and commercial partners, based on a clear focus on storytelling and audience insight, we’ve created many fantastic experiences and successes. When we develop attractions, we’re always thinking holistically about the task: the journey towards a spectacular experience, and how our audience feels afterwards!

This means that when we create attractions and meeting places, not just ‘state of the art’ video content. At Qvisten, we aim to deliver a complete experience – designed for success.


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