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Stories with a Nordic touch for a global audience

We aim to gather and entertain the whole family and tell emotional stories with depth and educational value.


With in-house producers, directors, designers and a full CGI-pipeline, we handle all aspects of an animated feature film production. We harbour talents from all over the world, a tech focused pipeline and inspire each other to always be better and to make the most out of the budgets we have and the stories we tell.

We have produced and co-produced over 20 feature films, many topping the national box office and winning awards around the globe. We have created films based on the stories of iconic Nordic writers Thorbjørn Egner, Astrid Lindgren and Kjell Aukrust. We have brought heroes like “Louis & Luca”, “Captain Sabertooth” and “Two Buddies and a Badger” to life and sold millions of cinema tickets in the domestic and foreign markets along the way. 

Our ambition for the future is to further build our IP-portfolio, but also invest in more original content and to reach a bigger, international audience with our stories. Our very first Qvisten Original, the feature film “Just Super”, is in production and ready for the cinemas in September 2022. 

We are looking for like-minded partners to help us create better, bigger and more international stories. We are more than happy to present our new projects to co-producers, sales agents and distributors around the world. If you have a story that you are passionate about, please contact us, we are eager to co-produce with you. Together with the Norwegian Film Institute and local distributors we can help with local financing as well as with private investments. 


Qvisten Animation is one of Scandinavia’s leading co-producers for animation.  Read more about potential coproduction support in Norway:

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