An educational VR experience for pasients, staff and next of kin

Epilepsy is a diagnosis characterized by seizures, but for many, the psychosocial consequences of living with seizures are an equally significant challenge. The fear of seizures in public spaces is a common concern for someone with epilepsy, and many individuals with epilepsy describe a lack of understanding or fear from people around them when they experience a seizure in public. The Epilepsy Association approached us with a desire to create something that depicts how seizures can be experienced. Not only the physical aspect but also the experience of stigma, fear, and preconceived attitudes from the surrounding environment.

The objective of the project was to develop VR training that would be used to foster understanding of how people with epilepsy themselves experience seizures and the social implications associated with them. The VR experiences have been utilized for healthcare professionals at the Specialized Hospital for Epilepsy (SSE), in schools, and during various activities organized by local chapters.


CLIENT: Epilepsiforbundet
YEAR: 2021
TECHNIQUE: 360 3D video and CGI in Unity

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