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Rights & Brands is a 360 licensing and publishing agency bringing scandinavian rights and brands to a global arena. We represent iconic Nordic brands, artists and authors such as Moomin, Astrid Lindgren, Stig Lindberg, Marius of Norway and many more. In just three years we have become one of the worlds’ most sucessful publishing agencies, providing Nordic content to a global market. 

Rights & Brands was formed with a strong belief that the brands within the Nordic cultural inheritance has a big international potential. Just three years after opening our doors, we have a network of over 40 agents and 900 clients internationally. Rights & Brands was also recently crowned the number one licencing agency in Europe by the 2021 license Global-report. The company has enjoyed massive success with the development of the Moomin-universe, which today has a turnover of over 750 million EUR globally in 2021. We aim to double this wihtin the next five years. The Nodics are responsible for about 45% of the total turnover. Japan is our second biggest market. Rights and Brands is expecting a significant growth over the next few years in countries outside of the Nordics, and specifically in Asia.

Rights & Brands Norway’s first brand partners are Aukruststiftelsen, Marius of Norway og PURENorway.

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Qvisten Music, a record label that will focus on keeping our film music and score alive and available. Over the years Qvisten Animation have worked with a lot of talented artist and musicians making music for our movies. We believe that music plays a vital role in storytelling, and we are committed to producing high-quality music that complements our animated stories.

Now we want to make sure that this music continues to live, and are available, also after the natural life of a movie or series. Qvisten Music will always look for talented composers and musicians for music to our movies. We will also continue collaboration with other labels and distributors whom with artists and musicians will work closely with Qvisten directors and team to create music that enhances the emotional impact of our stories. And we will always look for the unexpected.

Qvisten Music aims to create an immersive audio experience that will transport listeners into the magical worlds our animated universes. Our label will feature a wide range of music genres, including soundtracks, scores, and original songs and will be available on all major streaming platforms. We will also produce physical releases such as vinyl and CD.

We are excited to launch Qvisten Music and to share our passion for music with our animated audience. We believe that our music will appeal to fans of all ages, and we look forward to creating a unique audio experience that will transport listeners into the world of Qvisten Animation. 

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming releases and exciting collaborations.

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