Role Description
The CG supervisor is the first line of support between management and the projects. The CG Supervisor will, together with line producers, other ‘Head of’ and supervisors, as well as HR, plan projects and help assign the right artist to the right job.

Another main task of the CG Supervisor is to assist in choosing the right approach for the productions and support both artistically and technically. The CG Supervisor will work closely with the pipeline department and develop tools needed to keep Qvisten’s production quality at the maximum possible within the resources allocated for films, TV-production, commercials, and shots films.


  • Bid, together with management and artists, upcoming productions
  • Work closely with department supervisors to identify challenges in any upcoming projects
  • Work closely with department supervisors to plan production
  • Assist line producer and other management in gathering information that will affect productions
  • Design and develop new tools needed for the current and upcoming projects
  • Report issues that are critical for the production or the studio setup
  • Help create assets, shots, and post-production work and bridge content between the two
  • Script and maintain a technical framework and tools for software in production
  • Produce well under pressure, work in short timeframes, manage time and schedules efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality


  • Exceptional technical knowledge of Maya
  •  Well versed in the potential tools Qvisten can use in upcoming projects
  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Interested in new technology and tools
  • Strong understanding of how all department work
  • Good communication skills, a motivated team player
  • Strive to achieve Qvisten vision, values, goals, and strategy.
  • Contribute to build and strengthen Qvisten as a brand
  • You need to be able to work from our office in Oslo


  • Knowledge of scripting, pyton and development of pipeline / toolsets.
  • Good technical knowledge of Houdini
  • Experience working with USD, Arnold and Deadline
  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine or other real time renderer
  • A good sense of humor