Qvisten Animation is looking to recruit a Line Producer for our feature and series department, who shares our passion for great storytelling, loveable characters and the unlimited possibilities of animation. Our films aim to gather and entertain the whole family and at the same time tell emotional stories with depth and educational value. If you love to work with and organize a bunch of talented creative artists, you are the one!

Starting asap and based in our Oslo studio until summer 2023.

As a Line Producer you are responsible for the practical and economical production implementation in the studio. The line producer works closely with the director and the producer, and reports to the producer.

Area of ​​responsibility
  • Implement breakdowns and assist in budgeting the projects delegated from the producer.
  • Prepare and follow up the projects progress plans / daily plans / milestone plans
  • Financial control for the production in the studio.
  • Assist in hiring crew and freelancers.
  • Communication with hired staff and freelancers.
  • Prepare the final accounts for audit with the producer.
  • Attend regular meetings with the producer.
  • Prepare and participate in the final evaluation / the last meeting with the head of department and Head of Drama, arranged by the producer.
  • Clarify IT needs and booking.
  • Define / report development needs to CTO.
  • Responsibility for booking resources in the studio plan and clarifying roles together with Head of Productions and HR.
  • Responsibility for the production of marketing material on order from the producer.
  • Prepare necessary plans for production in the studio up to budget.
  • Ensure that production is carried out safely, within budget and progress plan.
  • To cope with the unexpected and help find creative solutions
  • Strong communication and project management skills
  • Good knowledge of film production in general
  • Understand health, safety and the environment and legislation applicable to employment
  • Contribute to building and strengthening Qvisten as a brand
  • Work to achieve Qvisten’s vision, values, goals and strategy
  • Knowledge of Production Management software like Shotgrid, Ftrack or other scheduling software.
  • Preferably good knowledge of 3d Animation or VFX workflows.
  • Comfortable working in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in feature films or series production.
  • Experience in scheduling and managing teams across multiple departments.