Qvisten is looking for a Light Supervisor with experience in using Houdini Solaris for work on one of our upcoming feature films.

The Light Supervisor is responsible for establishing the technical needs on the project and delegating the workload appropriately to the team. It is expected that the role provides technical and artistic guidance to the team as well as a strong, collaborative and inspiring leadership.


  • The Light Supervisor will be responsible to implement the workflow of using Solaris for lighting at Qvisten, working closely with the pipeline team.
  • The Light Supervisor will be required to produce his/her own output and needs to balance this with supervisor responsibilities.
  • Responsible for both the overall technical and the artistic lighting of environments,  characters or elements striving to fulfil the vision set forth by the Director within the project’s limitations.
  • Ensure consistency across artists and shots.
  • Oversee and assist lighters when presenting material to the director in dailies and reviews
  • Delegate tasks and sequences based on team members’ individual artistic and technical skill sets
  • Making sure the production tracking software is up to date with assignments and statuses
  • Support Line Producer and Production Coordinator on scheduling, follow-up, tracking and ensure the required output is maintained
  • Work within the pipeline, publish tools and scripts as prescribed and help develop this further.
  • Manage, optimize and oversee the rendering process
  • Help improve workflow going in and out of the light department. Be aware of inefficiencies in any area of the pipeline that are impacting the lighting artists’ ability to work efficiently, and flag these issues as necessary.
  • Create or delegate setups of standard templates and light rigs for sequences and maintain standard templates for sequences or shots on standard templates and light rigs.
  • Work closely with CG Supervisor and Lead Technical Director setting up efficient workflows within the pipeline as well as continuously help improve and evolve such systems.
  • Work closely with the Animation and Compositing Supervisor to make sure the lighting department gets the required material from animation.


  • Thorough knowledge of Houdini Solaris scene building, lighting and rendering tools.
  • Good knowledge of USD
  • Strong understanding of 3D concepts and workflows;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with creative employees across all levels
  • Excellent problem solving and attention to detail skills


  • 3 years’ or more experience in commercials or feature film.
  • Able to spot technical difficulties or issues and finding solutions for them.
  • Compositing knowledge and the needs from this department.
  • Skills in other areas of production e.g. modeling, scripting, concept, rigging, comping
  • A good sense of humor