The Lighter is responsible for creating lighting effects across shots and sequences. The position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgment. The lighter must be able to balance artistic requirements with the technical limitations of the software and hardware employed.


  • Set up, light, and render shots for a given sequence based on key light-setups by the Light Supervisor or artwork provided by the art department.
  • Work with and support the Light Supervisor and VFX Supervisor to fulfill the creative vision of the show within technical parameters
  • Help create and/or modify lighting templates, as required
  • Troubleshoot technical production issues, as required
  • Must work within the pipeline and publish tools and scripts as instructed
  • Must manage scene- and render-optimization to reduce impact on render farm and storage
  • Communicate creative and technical issues effectively
  • Recognize inefficiencies in any area of the pipeline that are impacting the lighting artists’ ability to work efficiently, and flag these issues as necessary
  • Work to help correct inefficiencies with the supervisors, artists and TDs available
  • Other miscellaneous duties as required from time-to-time by the supervisor



  • Collaborates with other departments for timely integration of elements into a sequence.
  • May help facilitate visual development. This can include working with surfacing, setting materials or shader parameters.
  • Participates in the testing of new technologies as required.


  • Able to spot technical difficulties or issues and finding solutions for them.
  • Compositing knowledge and the needs from this department.
  • Skills in other areas of production e.g. modeling, scripting, concept, rigging, comping