The Character designer is mainly responsible for the creation of Qvisten´s characters which will be used in a wide range of services, for brands, commercials, games, short films, series and feature films, but also the environment the characters exist in. The role identifies a strong design style for personalities. The character designer must be able to work with different styles and several projects at any given time. The role will be working in close cooperation with directors, producers and the asset team.

Area of responsibility

– considering the character brief, which may be written or given orally

– reading scripts to identify factors indicating a particular personality and visual style

– researching art history, backgrounds, historical information and producing design ideas

– planning the budget together with producers and directors

– meeting producers, directors and clients to discuss concepts

– presenting ideas to others involved in the production

– providing drawings for pitches

– collaborate with the assets team

– attending progress meetings to advise on visual presentation


– Strive to achieve Qvisten vision, values, goals and strategy.

– Contribute to build and strengthen Qvisten as a brand.

– Lead the character design process.

– Reviews, critiques, adjusts and approves work created in advance of Director and Producer review.

– Be able to handle several projects at any given time.

– Deliver with the given budget and timeframe.