If you’re ready for a challenge and want to be part of a passionate team that loves animation,
and you have many skill sets in the field of animation / CG, please contact us.

We are looking for an artist with a diverse set of design skills to work on CG animated feature films. The ideal candidate will produce rough sketches from early ideas to a finished concept painting with light/mood and a clear description of depth, shapes, materials and textures. They will need to be able to design within the style of the project. They should be organized and able to manage a variety of tasks within the given schedule.


  • Environment and Set Designs
  • Prop Designs
  • Character Designs
  • Turnarounds/Character Sheets/Blueprints
  • Espression- and posture Sheets


  • previous experience from full length animation production.
  • a good understanding of heavy asset animation pipelines
  • a good eye for shapes and volume.
  • a good understanding of human and animal anatomy
  • good problem solving skills
  • good communication skills
  • ability to get the best out of your team and be a supportive team player. We are not a factory, but a Studio.
  • Must know Photoshop and be able to work digitally.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in style of the project.
  • Must be organized and able to work with the Art director’s feedback
  • Rosolve design problems with creative supervisors.


  • Understand texturing with Maya, Painter and Zbrush
  • 2D Animation Skills

Our studio is set up with this rig, but we are always open to try out any software that will get the job done. In the end we are looking for output and we are not religious about our software. However, our pipeline is built around Maya so as a minimum, assets will be assembled and published in Maya.

  • Maya
  • Modo
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Mari
  • The Adobe Suite
  • Speed Tree
  • Marvellous Designer

If you lack any of the above, but still feel you have a strong portfolio, please consider applying. We are always looking for talent and you might fit another position or be a valuable asset to the team somehow!