If you’re ready for a challenge and want to be part of a passionate animation team, that needs technical solutions and ideal character rigs, please contact us.


  • Create rigs for assets used for commercials, short films and feature films
  • Script and maintain a technical framework and tools for Maya rigs in productions.
  • Work closely with animation supervisor to achieve ideal character rigs.
  • Work closely with the cache pipeline to avoid problems when caching animation.
  • Give feedback to modelers about ideal topology and blendshape needs.
  • Model blendshapes if needed.
  • Delegate work to other riggers if available.


  • 3  years’ or more of relevant education, or experience in commercials or feature film.
  • Exceptional technical knowledge of maya and rigging.
  • Strong problem solving abilities.
  • Strong modeling skills and understanding of topology.
  • Scripting experience with python and mel
  • Good communication skills, a motivated team player
  • A passion for solving technical problems in maya.


  • Experience with Maya API and c++
  • Experience with QT gui.
  • Understanding linear algebra and calculus.
  • Animation experience.
  • An ability to achieve facial expressions with charm.
  • Engineering experience.