Be ready for a challenge and be part of a passionate team that loves animation.


  • Create rigs for assets used for commercials, short films and feature films
  • Work closely with animation supervisor/director to deliver quality rigs on time
  • Help animators with technical issues regarding maya and rigs.
  • Serve as an active participant in team discussions, critiques and reviews.


  • Experience with maya rigging.
  • Understand deformers and how mesh and curves behave when deformed.
  • Able to deliver expected quality on time
  • Good communication skills, a motivated team player
  • A passion for solving technical problems
  • Be able to take notes and direction


  • 3 years’ or more of education or experience in commercials or feature film.
  • A good technical understanding of models and rigs
  • Skills in other areas of production e.g. modeling, scripting, concept, rigging, comping
  • Experience with mel and python scripting.
  • Experience with maya API.